This will explode your head. Most of us can reach and somewhat correctly grasp the concept of a million dollars. But this dude, username humphreytalks, on Tik Tok just made me realize I have never even begun to understand how much a billion dollars is.

Using grains of rice Humphrey gives us a visual representation of a million versus a billion dollars, and it's staggering.

He begins by putting grains of rice on a table, equating each grain to 100,000. Since one grain is $100,000, that means it takes 10 grains to make $1 million. No sweat. But here's where your mind explodes. That means it takes 10 THOUSAND grains to equal $1 BILLION.


To further drive home his point that we have no clue how much a billion dollars really is, he takes away enough grains from billion dollar pile to buy a $5 million house, guys, the pile looks the same.

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