Guitarist for the current line up of Guns N' Roses, DJ Ashba, spoke about possible U.S. shows coming up for the band. More after the jump.

DJ Ashba who has been a member of Guns N' Roses since 2009, was interviewed by Metal Injection at the Revolver Golden Gods Award, an award show for metal and heavy rock icons. When asked if GNR was planning any U.S. shows, this is what he had to say:

“Absolutely,” he replied. "We just booked Brazil’s Rock in Rio festival for October 2, but there’s talk we’re gonna be going out way sooner. And hopefully we’re gonna be playing dates here in the States this year. I’m hoping. That’s the plan.”

No official tour dates have been posted yet, but hopefully U.S. fans of the current Guns N' Roses can look forward to some live shows soon. Just be warned, Axl has been known to be a little LATE at times. Would you be looking forward to a Guns N' Roses show?

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