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Traffic engineers are always looking for ways to improve traffic flow and safety and our roadways. Tyler Traffic engineers have been studying a particular stretch of roadway on Grande Blvd. in Tyler, Texas between Old Jacksonville Hwy. and Hollytree Drive that has been the scene of several fatal and non-fatal crashes since 2011.

The particular section they are focusing on is the reverse S-curve between Gleneagles Drive and Shady Oaks Drive. This particular stretch of road has seen about 57 crashes since the study began. Tyler Traffic Engineer Cameron Williams presented the Tyler City Council with the preliminary engineering results of the study along with four recommendations.

Several major factors contributed to crashes along this stretch of roadway.

Distracted driving, night driving, and wet road conditions are leading factors in accidents in this reverse S-curve. In addition, the road's line of sight is partially blocked when traveling westbound due to the grade of the roadway and the hill that exists.

Proposed changes to this stretch of roadway include:

  • Option 1 - installing new signage and striping, including illuminated LED chevrons - cost of $180,235
  • Option 2 - milling out existing pavement and installing new asphalt surface with a high friction treatment, along with striping and illuminated chevrons - cost $639,804
  • Option 3 - install options 1 and 2 and coordinate with Oncor on the relocation of an electric transmission tower - cost $1,194,204
  • Option 4 - reconstruct the road to increase the radii of curves, add super-elevation to both curves along with options 1, 2 and 3 - cost $2,186,817

Tyler Traffic Engineer Williams suggested to the council that option 3 be implemented. If approved, the LED chevrons could be installed by early spring, the resurfacing by summer, and a couple of years to coordinate work with Oncor on the transmission tower relocation.

After implementation, we will evaluate the area in five years to review the success of the improvements and consider other alternatives, including Option 4, if crashes continue. (Tyler Traffic Engineer, Cameron Williams)

This project would be paid for by the city's Half Cent Sales Tax Fund.

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