One of the best things about East Texas is the multitude of great craft breweries in the area. Each brewery has it's group of loyal fans but no one will disparage the other or turn up a nose to the other's creation. The other great thing about these breweries is that they are locally owned with some finding ways to source their ingredients locally which only helps the local economy. Sadly, one popular locally owned brewery is having to close it's doors later this month because of the rising costs of some of those ingredients.

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We've all seen it as we move through the aisles of our favorite grocery store, everything costs more. Part of it is do to supply constraints. Part of it is due to record inflation. Part of it is due to ridiculously high gas prices. Part of it is due to overbearing government regulations. Whatever the reason, our bank accounts are smaller because of it.

The same goes for business owners, everything costs more. Because of that, those businesses have to pass that cost increase down to us so they can still turn a profit. This makes it especially hard for a locally owned business to stay in business. A mom and pop isn't raising prices all willy nilly, they're raising prices so they can pay their rent, their employees, their utilities, their home mortgage, their car notes, their home utilities, you get the idea.

Long story short, support locally owned businesses anytime you can.

Sadly, for one locally owned business, despite having great success since they opened, the rising cost of everything is causing them to have to close their doors.

This is a sad day for the folks of Gilmer and a sad day for small business owners. I would hope that maybe if things calm down with our economy that maybe the good folks of Gilmer Brewing Company can get a second wind and reopen in the future. That's a lot of "ifs", though.

I hate passing along news like this. I personally never had the chance to visit Gilmer Brewing Company to try their beers but I can bet that it is very good and is a nice gathering place for the people of Gilmer. They will certainly be missed.

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