Winter parties are happening this week at East Texas schools, and if you're looking to give a thank-you gift to a teacher that he or she will really appreciate, we've got several good ideas.  And they're all affordable.

Teachers spend a lot of money out of their own pocket on things for the classroom like construction paper and sharpies, and they love it when they get those kinds of gifts from students for Christmas.

And they have plenty of coffee mugs and paperweights with pictures of apples on them, and they could probably go a year or three without more of those.

That's the vibe that got when asking teachers for the best gifts they've received.  So what should we get?

Gifts That Teachers Really Want from Students

1.  Coffee.  Gifts cards to coffee shops are a big win, and one teacher even said she has so many she hasn't paid for coffee in years.  This is an easy one, assuming the teacher likes coffee.

2.  Gift cards to anywhere.  Teachers can pick up classroom supplies instead of dipping into their own pockets, or they can grab some cozy socks or a book.  Or more coffee.

3.  Handmade cards.  Some of the most meaningful moments in the classroom are the ones that come straight from the student's heart, and holiday time is no exception. Teachers hang on to these handwritten notes and look back at them to remember the awesome kids that they had in 2018, and it helps them know they've made an impact.  What better time than Christmas to tell a teacher how inspirational they are.

4.  Kleenex.  The school doesn't provide any, and this time of year is bonkers with the number of snotty noses that walk through the doors.  If you like giving practical gifts, this is a good one.

5.  Booze.  A couple of teachers told Romper that booze is the gift they appreciate the most, and if we can get past how weird it feels to carry a bottle of alcohol into the school it can totally work.  I gave this gift to my daughter's 3rd-grade teacher one year.  The teacher was thrilled, and it was only slightly difficult explaining to the 3rd-grader why it was such an awesome gift.

So how about what not to get teachers?  Lotions and body sprays are too personal and most teachers say it's rare that they get a scent they really like.  They've got enough mugs, best teacher plaques, and candles to last an eternity.  And one teacher pointed out she really doesn't want any more Russian chocolates with liquor in them.  Apparently, the liquor is better all by itself and not hidden in chocolate.

I think my daughters and I are doing gift cards this year, and after reading this, we may be attaching them to a big box of Kleenex.  With a hand-written note.

Thank you, teachers, for doing what you do!  Merry Christmas.

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