"Nice catch K". Three words followed with a now nationally recognized smile that glowed  through the Whitehouse facemask of Patrick Mahomes as he extended a quick tap on the back of my head. It was September 5, 2013 and Mahomes had just scrambled about 39 yards side to side before running down the near (my) sideline for a 16 yard gain and a 1st down. Pushed out of bounds going wide open, he quickly entered "my space" as I wrapped my arms around him to slow his progress, while at the same time, attempting not to widow my wife on the sideline of a football game.


Forgetting of course I was providing color commentary with the voice of the Wildcats Bryan Houston, I reciprocated the cordial exchange with #5 and Bryan inquired as to my health and safety on the air. "Kenny, did you have mop up duty there, sounded like you crawled inside the huddle". Not positive, but my guess is that Mahomes wears either a 14 or 15 shoe, so when a 6'3" walrus flapper is headed at you, everyone's survival instincts better be intact. It was a blessing beyond understanding that I got the opportunity to watch this man work and play every step of his senior season at Whitehouse from field level. Watching the engine run, listening to the pistons fire out loud, and absorbing the ability to process situations in the huddle and on the sideline while combing through adversity with calm and confidence, .was something you can't experience from the press box.  I am a fan for so many different reasons now that have nothing to do with the game, or the talent.

patrick mahomes
Ashley Wirz, 1340 The Fan

Coach Adam Cook told me back in 2013 that "Patrick is beyond the special we have ever seen before", and I believe him. Patrick Mahomes may be the only athlete we have that truly understands the virtue of knowing he doesn't know everything. That "thing", in my opinion, that makes him so unique is the simple fact that he doesn't mind making mistakes, he only minds not making them right. Mahomes can change things. He has the ability to change our entire perspective of how we view the professional athlete. He IS the guy that can literally change the standard of conduct and consistency of how players carry themselves with humility not arrogance, with passion not expectation, and exceed those same expectations of the public and the game itself. Probably the most powerful statement here is the fact that he is such a natural at it, leadership by example is just a way of life. Anyone worth their salt when it comes to character can see this without ever opening their eyes. I lost faith in most professional athletes as an example of integrity a long time ago, but this guy ain't one of them. He's different, and if you look closely, you will see the same thing.



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