If you're pulling up to work and all you want to do is sit about it and cry in your car. Maybe you have co-workers you can't stand. Maybe you are just sick and tired of being sick and tired. Turns out, there's a solution!

If you can convince SToK Cold Brew in 300 words or less why you need to quit your job, you can have it made. If you succeed you get a check for $30,000 and an opportunity to quit your job for a month to pursue your passion.

If you're interested, get started on your essay as to why you need some help quitting your job and following your dream. The deadline is on Labor Day, and the website is QuitYourJobAndGetStoked.com. 

"STōK COLD BREW COFFEE IS PAYING OUT $30,000 EACH TO THREE HOPEFULS TO COVER THEIR STōK-BBATICALS. If you have an awesome dream you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t taken that leap yet, send an email to SToK@icfnext.com any time from now until Labor Day (Monday, September 2), with a maximum 300-word summary of what you do now for a living and what you wish you were doing if you had $30,000 to do it."

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