A controversial new General Motors ad that insinuates that bicyclists are less manly than motorists has been pulled following complaints from consumers. Wait. Are they saying there’s something unmanly about tight biker shorts? 

Created to entice college guys, the ad depicts a pretty girl in a car laughing at a shamed man on a bicycle for his lack of motorized wheels.

GM’s Twitter page is currently full of individual apologies to those who were offended by the ad, which also included the tag line “stop peddling . . . start driving.”

GM Tweet


Besides the jab to cyclists,  this ad also seems like it would be alienating to woman, who may not necessarily want to lease a vehicle whose primary purpose is to pick up chicks. While not quite as gender restrictive as Dr. Pepper 10′s new ad campaign, which blatantly states the soft drink is “not for woman,”  it’s safe to say that a (government subsidized) auto company should be wary about writing off more than half of their potential customers.

Better watch your back in the bike lane, GM execs.

[via Yahoo!]

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