9-11 drawing

KFOX 14 in El Paso reports on some upset parents of fourth grade students at Hughey Elementary in El Paso. The parents are upset over a class assignment where students were asked to draw images depicting the 9/11 attacks.

One student said the teacher gave directions to draw the planes hitting the towers and people jumping out of the windows. Some of the students drawings depicted people yelling "help" and "I love you."

One student even says the teacher told her that:

The Afghans did this because they hate all of us and want to kill all of us.

One parent said her son was under the impression that this type of event happens every year on 9/11, and he was scared to go to school on that day. Parents agree that students need to be taught about 9/11 and the events of that day, but not in this way. Some parents are afraid that the teachers comments are teaching racism and hate.

EPISD issued the following statement:

EPISD is very concerned about the images that were drawn in response to a lesson on the events of September 11. District and campus administrators are investigating the specific assignment and are interviewing the personnel involved.  We regret the insensitivity that this action may have caused and wish to assure our community that we will act swiftly in this matter and will take any and all appropriate action.  We extend our sincere apologies.

What is your thought? Did the teacher take this too far?

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