A Killeen, Texas man has finally been sentenced for the killing of Fort Hood Pfc. Brandon Scott Rosecrans almost 3 years ago in May of 2020. The murder charge was handed to Brandon Michael Olivares of Killeen while he was being held at the Bell County Jail on unrelated charges.

You may recall just last week the final sentencing occurred in another 2020 killing in Bell County killing of a Temple resident in. The murderer plead guilty and received 35 years.

Why was Pfc Rosecrans murdered?

Not a lot of information has really been made available in this case due to it never going to trial. Often, you learn the story behind a homicide from the various witnesses, and testimony that is given in the trial process.

Additionally, the details are very fuzzy due to nobody actually being with the victim and killer when the murder happened. Based on the police investigation and according to this article with KWTX News, it is believed the victim was killed while in their own vehicle and possibly asleep in the reclined passenger seat.

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What happened between the victim and killer prior to the homicide?

Based on phone records that were obtained by police and subsequent investigating, the two men traveled to San Antonio and back on the evening of May 17, and returned early May 18th. The convicted killer changed their story several times, and at one point in this reported article by Fox 44 News, claimed they traveled to San Antonio to acquire illegal drugs.

Olivares made a plea deal with Bell County prosecutors, and a judge sentenced him to 40 years.

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