Barkevious Mingo, former linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons turned himself in to Arlington, Texas Police Department earlier today on a charge of indecency with child-sexual contact. This all took place in Arlington, Texas over the 4th of July weekend with Barkevious' younger cousins and one of the cousins friends.

Over the holiday weekend, Barkevious pick up his younger male cousin and the cousins friend and took them go-cart riding, to an amusement park, out for a steak dinner and shopping. During the shopping spree, Barkevious purchases Nike sneakers and clothing. After these activities took place, Barkevious then went back to his hotel in Arlington, Texas with his younger cousin and the cousins friend. This is where this story gets very erie.

Allegedly, Barkevious got up in the middle of the night and attempted to pull the underwear of the cousins friend off of him. The victim was scared and pretended to be sleep however, Barkevious became more aggressive and ended up pulling the victims underwear down to his shins and allegedly, Barkevious tried to have sex with the victim. A warrant was issued for the arrest of the 30-year-old football player and he turned himself in early today at the Arlington Police Department in Arlington, Texas.

Barkevious lost his one year $1.1 million deal with the Atlanta Falcons and is now facing a felony charge that could put in behind bars for 20 years. Barkevious and his attorney are claim that all of the allegations are false and that Barkevious is 100% innocent.


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