Whether you love the Cowboys, the Texans, or some other NFL team, the official start of Fall means pro football season's in full swing.  National Anthem controversy aside, we want our games, & if you're lucky enough to get inside a stadium to see the gridiron action live, the experience is one-of-a-kind.

Classic Rock 96-1 has a shot for you to be at the NFL game of your choice, in whatever city it's being played in, with no cost to you for the trip!  That's right- win our Free Football Flyaway & we'll cover airfare for two, hotel, tickets, & throw in $300 cash towards souvenirs, food & drinks while you're there.

Sign up for the Big Game Getaway now & then decide:  Cowboys-Falcons in Atlanta, Texans-Rams in Los Angeles, Saints-Bucs in New Orleans, or anywhere else on the NFL schedule within the USA.  Good luck!


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