Growing up in the '90s was a great Nintendo game cartridges, pagers, TGIF on ABC every Friday night.

This list doesn't make me feel old, it makes me think how we started what kids have today.

  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System
    Super Nintendo Entertainment System

    Super Nintendo

    There was the original Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES, but then came the Super NES. Great games (Super Mario World anyone) and to think those graphics were super good then. Thanks to the Nintendo Wii, you can download many of those games for some nostalgia gaming.

  • TGIF on ABC
    TGIF on ABC

    TGIF on ABC

    Friday nights, when out of football season, was filled with what you could call a precursor to the Disney Channel. Family Matters ("Did I do that?"), Home Improvement, Full House, Boy Meets World among others added later. Friends would come over and we'd watch all of them or just sit with the family and enjoy.

  • Pick Your Path game (if that was even the name of it)
    Pick Your Path game (if that was even the name of it)

    What was the name of this game?

    I don't even think there was a name for this game. We'd find a piece of paper, write different outcomes in the squares, fold it and you could get through those dead times in class.

  • Pagers


    If you had one of these, you were cool. Of course, if you were out, you needed a pocket of quarters if your friend paged you so you could call from a pay phone. Or those 911 pages or spelling out words using the phone dial pad.

  • MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch
    MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch

    MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch

    The last great show on MTV. Watch music videos until it was time for Beavis and Butthead followed by the claymation masterpiece that was Celebrity Deathmatch. The fights were ridiculous but awesome at the same time.

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