After some controversy surrounding a fake flier, Five Finger Death Punch is still keeping their mouths shut in regards to the departure of bassist Matt Snell.

For the past month, Fiver Finger Death Punch has been in question if Snell has or has not left the band. More after the jump.

Not long ago guitarist for the band Jason Hook was being interviewed and asked about the matter, too which he said:

“There is something going on, but I’d rather keep my mouth shut so I don’t get into trouble.”

Fake Five Finger Death Punch Flier

When the flier came out it was met with criticism, due to all the qualifications that were on the list with music ability near the bottom.

However 5FDP has denied having anything to do with the flier. No band member has denied the search for a new bassist, or Snell's separation from the band at that.

Five Finger Death Punch's Wikipedia page says that Matt Snell has confirmed leaving the band. Not like Wikipedia has ever been wrong, right?

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