Driving in from Gresham to Tyler just before Toll 49 on Old Jacksonville Hwy. sits an empty firework stand off to the right of the road that will soon be selling fireworks that will be lighting up the New Years' sky.

Looking at the stand last night, the front overhang doors were open exposing the bare shelves. That will all change soon because the New Year's firework retail season is upon us. Beginning December 20th, retail firework stands may legally sell fireworks in the state of Texas and continue to do so through midnight on January 1st. Many East Texans will be ringing in a new year and decade with fireworks.

Celebrating with fireworks comes responsibility too. Use extreme caution when lighting fireworks. Never let children hold or light fireworks in their hands (and that goes for adults too). Make sure you have a fire extinguisher or some other way to put out a fire should one break out while using fireworks. Never point fireworks and anyone or in to a crowd. Above all use common sense and have a great time with your personal fireworks show.

The New Year retail fireworks season is one of two selling seasons within the State Of Texas, the other being the 4th of July. Fireworks may also be sold at other times of their year if county commissioners give the ok to sell them during the following state holidays:

  • Texas Independence Day on March 2nd
  • San Jacinto Day on April 21st
  • Memorial Day weekend

When buying fireworks, remember to check with city officials to see if is legal to shoot off fireworks where you live. Many cities and communities have ordinances in place and is illegal to shoot them within city limits. Ordinances are more relaxed or even non-existent in rural county areas. Although we're not in a drought, it's been some time since we've had measurable rain, so shoot fireworks off safely and have a fire extinguisher, water or water hose nearby just in case a fire breaks out.

Have a fun time safely with your fireworks as you usher in 2020 in East Texas.

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