This is my 8-year old daughter.  I am so proud.

I'm not sure how she can breathe in there or why she is not sweating and uncomfortable, but she wanted to be "nothing" for Halloween and I'm fully supporting her in that endeavor.

The minute the costume arrived at the doorstep, she ripped open the box and started putting it on, and quickly realized she would need a little help.  It's not easy getting into this one-piece masterpiece because fingers and toes have to be inserted just right, and it has two zippers in the back that require an assist from someone besides the person wearing it.

Once it was finally on and zipped, she looked in the mirror and screamed, "I LOOOOVE IT!  This is exactly what I had in mind!"  She's picky about everything and I rarely get it right, so it's a huge victory to have ordered the right size and spent at least a little time on her unique wavelength.  I'm still not sure how she can see through the black, but that apparently is just a minor detail.

Jen Austin - Townsquare Media
Jen Austin - Townsquare Media

The dogs are totally freaked out by this costume.  You can see the miniature schnauzer trying to assess the situation in the picture, not really knowing what to think.  Our other nervous, quirky dog was hiding under the couch when this was taken.  It was just too much for Libby the min-pin.

If you want to steal this Halloween costume idea, feel free.  Call it "darkness" or "nothing" or whatever you want.  I call it 25 bucks well spent.  So far.  Until it gets a hole.

She might add a black cape to make it more costume-y.  (That might be a good idea for adults with curves and bulges too.  Just sayin'.  Use your impeccable judgment.)

I can't wait to see what everyone at the church Trunk-or-Treat event thinks of this.

If you have costume ideas that are a little off-the-beaten-path, do tell.  They may not be the cutest, but sometimes those are the most memorable.  Now how in the world is she going to eat that Fun Dip?

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