When news broke that Farrah Abraham (of 'Teen Mom' fame on MTV) had a sex tape, let's just say not much of the Internet was surprised. And, honestly, for many of us we wondered how a girl with perhaps the worst crying face in the history of civilization could make a decent sex tape.

But, she's a Hollywood "star," who wasn't quite big enough to be relevant for longer than a minute or two. So, she took it upon herself to make a porn video with James Deen. First, Farrah denied it. Then she denied it again. Then she owned up to it. Then she negotiated a deal to sell it to Vivid Entertainment for just about a million bucks.

TMZ released (as TMZ does) censored screenshots from Farrah's new "film" yesterday. But, it didn't take long for uncensored pics to hit the 'net.

Let's just say, these pictures don't leave much to the imagination. And Farrah's not shying away from her new stardom, basically embracing her role as a porn star on her Twitter page.

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