Nothing gets past creative Cowboy fans.  After Ezekiel Elliott's impromptu jump into the Salvation Army kettle in the end zone on Sunday night, the Salvation Army saw a big spike in donations the next day, in the amount of $21.

But that jump wasn't all good for #21.

It did result in an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and all.

The yellow flag aside, the Red Kettle Campaign got a little shot in the arm because fans loved it.  Those who wanted to hop in the pot and celebrate with Zeke saw it as an opportunity to match his number with a donation.

If it had been #88 Dez Bryant who hopped into the kettle, fans might have been a little more hesitant.  Maybe this weekend we donate $4 to the United Way because we love Dak Prescott?  Yeah, this idea could totally catch on.

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