Guns N’ Roses continue to make history on the band’s massive reunion tour. Former keyboardist Chris Pitman hasn’t been a part of the revival, however, exiting the band after 18 years of service. In an apparent correspondence with a Chilean Guns N’ Roses fan page, Pitman claims he quit Guns N’ Roses and calls GN’R’s current tour “boring.”

Earlier this year, Pitman posted and quickly deleted a message slamming GN’R’s reunion. “This is a nostalgia tour, please don’t mention those who are there the last 20 fkg years,” Pitman wrote. “Oh god no! (a money grab) FU.” Pitman later apologized for his comment via social media: "I sincerely apologize to GNR, especially the band and crew, for stupid comments about upcoming tour ..remember kids, don't drink n text!"

However, Chris Pitman’s negative feelings towards GN’R’s reunion haven't seemed to simmer down. In an apparent conversation with one of the moderators of Facebook community page Guns N’ Roses Chile, Pitman shared his latest thoughts and even revealed a new project he’s working on:

hey brother! ive been off FB for awhile, and yes, I quit the Oldies band, they just wanna repeat that 30 year old music over and over,... boring.

but gotta killer new band with Danny [Carey] from TOOL and Matthew [Setzer] from Skinny Puppy ... and we are really excited! hope your doing great!

Pitman has collaborated with Danny Carey for the projects ZAUM and The Source of Uncertainty. Pitman even toured with Tool from 1994-1995 and contributed synths on the studio recording of “Third Eye.” Stay tuned for news on Pitman’s new project with Carey and Setzer.

Guns N’ Roses have plenty of North American tour dates still lined up, so check out the full list here.

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