If you're like me you thought that this one had been pretty much eradicated, and it has been to an extent. You should know that there are still around 200,000 people across the globe diagnosed with it annually, including at least one man here in Texas. So you're probably not fixin' to be raptured just yet.

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As it turns out this man had been suffering from ring-shaped rashes for months. He was also experiencing numbness and tingling in those patches, and a claw-hand deformity. All of this had doctors baffled.

The man moved to Texas from Samoa, where leprosy is still endemic. He also had several tattoos, which is a way that the disease is transmitted. After many tests the diagnosis: leprosy.

In the Bible, leprosy was a disease inflicted by God as divine retribution for evil thoughts and deeds. You probably recall that it was referred to there are the "finger of God." That's not likely the case here though.

In those days, leprosy sufferers had to leave their homes and live together with other sufferers outside of the town and away from their famlies, according to these folks. Due to the severity of it and lack of medicine to cure it, they were forbidden to have any contact with people who did not also have the disease. It appears, however, that this case was contained and the young man should make a full recovery.

According to The Sun, Dr Aidan Filley, of Texas A&M University, said: “Early diagnosis and treatment are important to decrease disability and adverse psychosocial effects of leprosy and to reduce the risk of transmission.”

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