This is a test - only a test.

On Wednesday at 1pm a thirty second test will air on every single radio and television station in the country.  This test is being conducted by the Federal Communications Commission and Federal Emergency Management Agency.  They are holding this first ever national test of the 17 year old emergency notification system.  More after the jump.

The Emergency Alert System or EAS as it is called is a system that is in place to alert the public to emergency situations.  Most everyone has heard the weekly and monthly tests that are conducted by radio and television station.  This national test will be very similar.

The public should pay attention to the tones of the EAS system, even if it is just a test.  These tones are used to alert you to the fact that an emergency situation is going on in your area and your immediate action is required to keep you and your family safe.  In fact, these tones were just heard on Tuesday afternoon as severe weather rolled through East Texas.

This national test will be originated from the White House on Wednesday afternoon at 1pm.  This test is a way to ensure that information can be quickly broadcast in the case of a national emergency.