Because of the films depiction of a survivor from the 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia, Warner Bros Japan division thought it best to pull the film.

Sometimes a film can hit a little to close to home.  Such is the case with Clint Eastwood’s latest project Hereafter.  The film was put out back in October here in the USA and is far removed from the theater here, but it was just released in Japan in February.

The film stars Matt Damon as a psychic who is trying to put a survivor of the 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia back in touch with people who she lost.  Obviously this plot line may be a little much for movie goers in Japan right now. Totally understandable.  I doubt any of those people want to escape to the movie theater to see the same devastating events unfold on screen.  Plus Eastwood really knows how to pull on emotions.

Also postponed for release in Japan due to last weeks devastating earthquake was The Rite starring Anthony Hopkins which deals with spirituality and exorcism.  Not a bad move by studio execs.  Not that many are heading to the movies right now in Japan.  I think most are concerned with Nuclear meltdown and it’s affects.

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