If you need to run out for more eggs and a chocolate bunny on Easter Sunday, not every store will be an option.  Some salons and barbershops may be closed too, and you'll have to wait on a haircut.

If you're always armed with a CVS coupon like I am, you know some locations never close and there are usually ample opportunities to get your 40 percent off of one item or save $3 on $18 worth of body wash.  Sometimes I'll use the 40-percenter on a 4-pack of protein drinks and save a total of four bucks, but I will never let a deal go to waste.  I'm a total sucker and I know it.  If you're planning a CVS outing this Sunday, you should be fine, and you'll be able to use one of those printed coupons that makes the receipt taller than you.  CVS is one of the retailers that will be open on Easter Sunday, along with other pharmacies and big box stores.

Several stores have announced they'll close on Sunday and the list includes places that always seem to be open.  So, consider this a heads up so you don't find yourself in a lurch with your need for a haircut, a hammer, or a value pack of Peeps.

East Texas Stores that will be closed April 4th, according to RetailMeNot:

Ace Hardware
Barnes & Noble
Best Buy
Half Price Books
Hobby Lobby
Nordstrom & Nordstrom Rack
Office Depot
T.J. Maxx
True Value
Sam’s Club

Stores that will stay open, according to RetailMeNot, include Academy, Big Lots, CVS, Dollar General, PetSmart, Starbucks, Home Depot, Walmart, and Walgreens.

Whatever you do on Sunday, I hope it's great, and that you start with the ears when eating the chocolate bunny because that just feels right.  And crack open a Cadbury Egg and dip some pretzel sticks into that creamy, surgery, middle.  Happy Easter.

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