Dez Bryant is a former Lufkin Panther who went on to play college football at Oklahoma State, and has made his NFL career with the Dallas Cowboys. And now Bryant has joined an elite group of players who will play in the league all-star game on January 26th, just ahead of the Super Bowl on February 2nd.

For the first time in his five-year NFL career, Bryant was named to the Pro Bowl roster through combined voting by fans, players and coaches. The Pro Bowl will not be divided into conference rosters this year -- for the first time ever -- and will instead by divided into teams by the captains; Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice.

The Cowboys have a huge game tonight on national television. It's Cowboys and Eagles on Sunday Night Football on NBC, and the winner gets into the playoffs! Although the personal accolades are nice, that's what Dez is focusing on right now.

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