January 2019 will be the start of a new era for Dunkin’ Donuts as the chain is dropping the word "Donuts" from its name, despite a lackluster response during initial research trials.

According to Fox Business, The new name was tested at 50 locations last year throughout the U.S. and many customers didn’t like it.

The chain's rebranded name will launch January 2019 and is just a first in a series of upcoming changes as noted in a statement from CEO Davis Hoffman.

Our new branding is one of many things we are doing as part of our blueprint for growth to modernize the Dunkin' experience for our customers. From our next-generation restaurants, to our menu innovation, on-the-go ordering and value offerings, all delivered at the speed of Dunkin', we are working to provide our guests with great beverages, delicious food and unparalleled convenience.

They also planning on expanding their mobile ordering and even launched a new item ‘Donut Fries.’

Now before you go swearing off Dunkin' for that next sweet treat, don’t panic!  They are still going to sell their popular donuts, and focus on serving more variety drinks like cold-brew coffee and ice teas.

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