Growing up we had a few family pets but I never really connected with any of them. Now that I "act" like an adult I couldn't imagine life without a furry family member. While the veterinarian bills and organic dog food can get expensive at times, I will always do what's best for my rescue dogs Koda & Gypsy. Which includes looking into the best boarding facilities. But there was one guy who was asking on social media where the best dog boarding facilities are around Tyler so I was lucky enough to just see the recommendations that were suggested by locals.

Since both of our dogs are older and lets be honest, they are stuck in their ways and act spoiled at times we always look for specific things in a boarding facility. My wife Savannah normally looks into the boarding facilities for us as she knows more of what to ask for. But we always look for a facility that doesn't keep our dogs in kennels all day and keeps the dogs playing and active.

You Have Lots of Options for Dog Boarding in East Texas

You can always look at having a friend or family member or maybe even someone from Rover who is willing to look after you dog in the comfort of your own home. That way you know your dogs are comfortable in their surroundings. Or find a facility that has everything you are looking for, and give them a try.

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I've Tried None of These Dog Boarding Facilities

I cannot speak on how fantastic these facilities are because I haven't tried them out yet, only because we haven't had a need yet. But here are recommendations from East Texans on where your best options are to board your furry family members:

Best Dog Boarding Facilities Around East Texas

When you're looking to board your dog make sure you visit one of these locations.

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