I do.  I hope my hilarious and talented Aunt Jane in heaven heard me tell her how sorry I was for this, and I hope she sees how I've tried to make amends.

Aunt Jane was the funniest person I've ever known.  She was always happy, and used her words in a way that no one else in the world ever did, so the constant wise cracks were unique and always made me wish she would keep talking forever.  We just never knew what was going to come out of her mouth.  And she could paint!  She painted these California Redwoods in 1978 in her little art studio behind her house in San Jose.

Somewhere along the way this painting ended up in my hands, and it has been on the wall in every place I've lived.  Two years ago after a relationship split, I moved into my single lady house and never got around to hanging it up.

Single moms who are also homeowners will have my back on this semi-poor excuse. It's hard to do everything when you're the only one around to do it!  The kids need rides home from school and baths, the dogs need to be fed, you have to do laundry, put up shelves, pull out the trash bins for collection, and sometimes Facebook and Tinder suck you in.

I didn't get around to hanging up Aunt Jane's painting, and it sat in the garage and sucked up dust and SUV fumes for two years before I rescued it.  When I found it in early March, I discovered someone had duct-taped the canvas to the frame that was falling apart and it had cob webs on it.  (Surely that someone wasn't me.)  After I cleaned it up, I told Aunt Jane I was sorry for neglecting the Redwood masterpiece that she put so much time, effort, and detail into.  I took it right to the custom frame shop to be properly enshrined, and now it's hanging above my fireplace. In the single lady house.

I wonder what Aunt Jane was thinking about when she painted that path between the trees, and if she imagined herself going on a surprise adventure to see where it leads. That's the dating process for me!  And now that this painting is up, I'm sure it will lead me to a hubby.

Thanks Aunt Jane, for the legacy.

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