We don't know for sure because, well, they're hidden. But Airbnb does allow for hosts to place cameras in common areas like the kitchen and living room, so chances are, they're in there somewhere. Here's how you can find them.

Ziprecruiter said an Airbnb host in Tyler can make $30,000 per year in an average salary, and that's for owning the home, keeping it clean between visits, and keeping up with advertising and repairs.  Tyler hosts are packing 'em in, and they might be setting up video surveillance for them too.  It's allowed if it's in the right spot.

Guests might not be too fond of being taped.  But then we quickly realize cameras ARE everywhere.  Every time we're shopping in a store or entering a restaurant we're on camera, and surveillance videos from home security systems are all over neighborhood apps and socials, showing us that somebody is peaking into our car windows at 2 am.  Eek.  The idea that cameras are planted inside Airbnbs won't be a shocker unless you happen to run across one in the bathroom or the bedroom.

viral video by Marcus Hutchins on TikTok shows us how to spot possible recording devices.  Look for a smoke detector placed directly over the bed, or an alarm clock that's pointed in that direction.  Cameras can be small, and can even fit in a USB outlet brick.

If hosts do use cameras to monitor their guests, Airbnb rules say they have to disclose how and where the guests are being monitored.  The full rules are posted HERE.  If cameras are hidden, Airbnb hosts can be removed from the site, and guests who secretly monitor hosts can also be banned.  Full disclosure is key.

With high school football in full swing and the holiday season coming up, it's prime time to share your house.  Just let them know if you're leaving some video equipment behind.

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