CLAIM: A picture shows a University of North Texas (UNT) mug whose design spelled out a vulgar word.

You may have seen this story floating around your newsfeed the past few days. There is an article containing a picture of University of North Texas' mug that appears to display a vulgar word. But the big question is, was this intentional or merely an oversight? After all I doubt I'd take the shape of the handle of the mug into consideration when designing one.

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Have we got ourselves a world-class prankster on our hands?


Not sure the University of North Texas thought that through

By now we all know people can say anything they want to on the internet, oh you didn't? Well then, headsup, folks say a lot of garbage on the internet. They'll even make it look super-official, next thing you know your Aunt Linda is sharing that she just bought an amazing cookie recipe from Neiman Marcus for $250... Hey, Aunt Linda, don't do that.

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So, as it turns out this particular story is true, the mug appearing to depict one of our culture's most offensive words was indeed offered for sale on a University of Texas online store site. However Snopes found that it had been removed in 2016 after a picture of the mug went viral, for obvious reasons.

“It was an unfortunate design mistake,” said Leslie Minton, spokeswoman for UNT. Mostly it seems people are getting a good laugh."

Snopes also reports that University of North Texas is standing by their claim that it was completely unintentional. As reported in a News & Observer article, "a UNT spokesperson denied that the vulgarity spelled out by the mug was intentional, although some commenters didn’t buy that explanation."

So, what do you think? Was this intentional or an honest mistake?

Regardless, Imma go jam some "Crazy Girl," all of this UNT talk has got me ready for  some Eli Young Band hits.

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