Because of Hurricane Sandy, for the first time in thirty years, David Letterman did the Late Show completely audience free last night (10/29).

The show started with Dave and Paul Shaffer standing outside the Ed Sullivan Theater in yellow rain slickers. Dave explained to Paul that the audience could not come to the show because of the hurricane and he asked Paul if they should do the show anyway.

It turned out to be a really funny show. There was the occasional cough or sneeze from one of the camera men along with the usual rim shots and guitar riffs from the band.

Denzel Washington was the guest for the evening and did a good job joining in the spirit of the show. He was there promoting his new movie 'Flight.' Denzel even did a pretty good Jim Cantore impersonation doing a weather report as if he was in-storm!

Check out a couple of the video's from last night's show: