Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has exhibited further evidence of his heavy metal past, and it doesn’t have anything to do with members of thrash or doom bands like Motorhead, Venom or St. Vitus.

Grohl is working with Ratt vocalist Stephen Pearcy and guitarist Warren De Martini on a new project. “Warren and I are recording an original song (Grohl song idea open to Ratt madness),” tweeted Pearcy. “Not for a Ratt record. We’ll let [Dave] tell you about it when he’s ready.” Pearcy also tweeted a photo of him and De Martini with Grohl (above).

In the meantime, Pearcy and De Martini have started writing songs for the follow-up to Ratt’s 2010 album ‘Infestation.’ Look for it on Roadrunner later this year.

“We found a great place and didn’t waste any time getting into it,” Pearcy said. “We wanted to create the same vibe we had writing the first record ‘Out of the Cellar,’ 1984. We have a couple cassette recorders, a couple acoustic guitars to make the writing process as simple as possible. We’ll do the ProTools when ready, then it’s into the studio, work with the band and push record.”

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