When we think of family, we don't think of this kind of love. What the hell is going on here?Katrina Yates, mother of Nicola, was very happy to hear her daughter was seeing a supposed great new boyfriend. But Nicola was hiding something, though, that her mother couldn't put her finger on. The daughter wouldn't let her meet the new man in her new life.

But the shocking truth came out as the mother found that Nicola found her estranged dad on the internet "Andrew Butler." Then they met and started a crazy love affair.

But it gets worse.

Katrina found out and turned them into police. “I gasped. I hadn’t seen his face for more than 20 years but I knew it was him immediately," Katrina told The Sun.

The daughter was very mad with her mom for doing this. The father was snagged and thrown in jail but has been freed from the gray bar hotel and now the two have vanished together. The pair has been missing since January.

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