[ORIGINALLY POSTED SEPTEMBER '23] You know it's fall in Texas when drunken brawls break out at Dallas, TX Cowboys games. While Micah Parsons and the Boys were beating up on Jets, Cowboys fans and Jets fans were beating up on each other this past Sunday.

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First things first, even if the New York Jets had future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers under center on Sunday, they still would've got walloped. Maybe that's what lead to these fans throwing down, but there is no official word on what lead to this exchange of blood, but I'd assume it must've been something probably very mean spirited.

Secondly, I'm pretty sure this guy is trying to help a dude with a bloody nose, but am I the only who thinks it looks like he's assaulting him with paper towel? Like, "bro, I just got punched go easy on my face." Is there chloroform on it? You tryna put this dude to sleep?

Dallas TX TV
Dallas TX TV

Also, there is quite a bit of blood. It's on noses, t-shirts, concrete. It looks like a Wes Craven directed slasher film at times.

Dallas TX TV
Dallas TX TV

Prescott was good Sunday.

In the 30-10 victory, Dak completed 31 of his 38 passes for 255 yards and two touchdowns. His favorite target Sunday, CeeDee Lamb, notched 106 receiving yards by halftime, he finished with 143 receiving yards on 11 catches.

Lamb finished just eight yards shy of surpassing his career-high of 150 yards set last season against the Green Bay Packers.

We should note that Lamb is now the first receiver in Cowboys history to have four 10-catch games in his first four seasons.

And the Cowboys defense was unstoppable. Jets back-up quarterback, Zach Wilson, only completed twelve passes all day. And the Jets, a team that rushed for 172 yards last week against Buffalo, managed just 64 yards against the Cowboys.

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