For anyone longing for vintage Creed, then we’ve got some good news. The band recently announced a six-date run of special shows where they’ll play back to back shows of their debut release ‘My Own Prison’ and their second album ‘Human Clay,’ respectively, in their entirety.

The special dates will celebrate the 15th anniversary of ‘My Own Prison,’ and according to Creed’s leading man Scott Stapp, it’s all for the fans.

Currently, the special two-night events are only scheduled for Chicago (Chicago Theatre April 13-14), Philadelphia (Philadelphia’s Tower Theatre April 16-17) and New York City (Beacon Theatre April 19-20). The first night in each city will see the band playing ‘My Own Prison’ from start to finish along with selected tunes from their entire discography. The second night will highlight ‘Human Clay’ front to back along with a few extras.

Stapp recently told Billboard, “I don’t remember who came up with the concept, but we just totally fell in love with the idea.” He continued to say, “Going to small venues, playing the albums top to bottom. I think it’s a great way for the band to reconnect to our roots and with each other and with our fans in a very intimate way that they’ve asked for.”

Stapp also feels that this run, and digging into their earlier discography, will help with inspiration for their new album. The band is currently working on new music with an anticipated 2012 release. “I think definitely playing the music from the past and all the material we haven’t played is going to help us reconnect with a lot of those emotions and incite some further inspiration,” admitted Stapp.

Creed currently have five songs penned for the upcoming release but they’re taking their time. According to Stapp, “We want to put out solid albums and want it to be an organic process, just like we had with those previous records.”

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