It can’t be easy being Courtney Love‘s attorney. Her former lawyers, Keith A. Fink & Associates, are suing the troubled singer, claiming she stiffed them on more than $466,029.41 for work they performed for her in 2009.

According to TMZ, the firm represented Love for only 10 months but performed more than half a million dollars worth of work on her behalf. She repeatedly sent the company gifts, flowers and thank-you notes, but when it came time to offer up legal tender, most of her checks bounced.

Love’s rep claims she’s not to blame this time, saying, “Courtney has not been served with anything, so as far as we’re concerned there is no lawsuit. Additionally, Keith has not been her attorney for many years, so it’s a bit odd that this would surface now.”

But Fink says that Love stalled him by claiming she would pay him after she received royalties from the Nirvana estate, which never happened. Fink also seems to have some personal animosity towards Love, because he complains that she employed assistants who “charged her hundreds of dollars for measly tasks such as tidying up hotel suite and picking up coffee for her at a nearby Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.”