Before yesterday's so-called Nirvana reunion with Paul McCartney at the 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy Concert in New York, Courtney Love told TMZ that she was "not amused" by McCartney's involvement, adding that "if John [Lennon] were alive it would be cool." She later commented about the event on the Facebook page for author Mark Yarm’s book 'Everybody Loves This Town: An Oral History of Grunge,' posting several notes in her typically rambling and borderline incoherent style. She later returned to the page to respond to some who had commented on her post.

"If they dont do songs they didn't write (nirvana songs they don't own) i dont care," Love posted at one point, seeming to sum up her overall position in one fell swoop. As for her previous quote that it "would be cool" if Lennon were alive, she seemingly contradicted herself later, writing that "we did get into paul and john fights- im a paul person (helter skelter)." It's not clear who the other part of the "we" is, although her late husband Kurt Cobain is as good a guess as any.

Love also took the opportunity to bash Krist Novoselic -- she seems to have a special hatred of the ex-Nirvana bassist, who also took part in the reunion -- writing that "paul better get earmuffs for th bassplaying is all." After the show, Love took another dig at Novoselic, answering a comment that the original song performed by McCartney and the ex-Nirvana members had "kicked ass" by writing, "Really? I will repeat, with Krist's bass playing? Let's be clear he's not exactly known for its brilliance."