Wow, I would literally run like a child from medicine if this happened to me. If you live in those areas that have wildlife at your back door, then think of how to avoid this one.

An Oregon lady had a brush with a cougar -- no, not that kind of cougar -- when it entered through a dog door at her home. Department of Wildlife Officer Brian Wolfer   said this is kind of concerning to see these cougars doing this.

The lady who owned the home said there are a lot of killings to livestock in the area but nothing like this. The cougars are getting very witty and cunning in the way they are looking for food.

The owner of the house called her dog when she saw the cougar in the house and it must have had second thoughts and took off the way it came. Officers told the owner to lock the dog doors when not in use for avoiding this problem again.

How would you react? Because we all know how I would.

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