If you're planning to dress like the Joker when the movie opens this weekend, you might want to keep a change of clothes in the car.  Some theaters will turn away people wearing costumes and masks.

It's not just East Texas.  Movie theaters around the country are banning masks and costumes at showings of "Joker" over concerns that cosplay might not mix well with the violent theme of the movie.

The families of those killed during a screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" in 2012 in Aurora, Colorado are worried about the theme of the new movie and sent a letter to Warner Bros. expressing concerns, while also asking for gun reform.  Warner Bros. said it's takings steps to address the epidemic of gun violence, and insisted that "Joker" isn't an endorsement of violence or meant to portray the character as a hero, according to TMZ.

The shootings in 2012 happened at the Century Aurora and XD, and that theater won't be showing "Joker" at all.  Other theater chains, including Landmark, AMC, and Regal are stepping up crowd control.

Regal said it's in contact with law enforcement on a regular basis as it is, and showings of "Joker" will be no exception.

AMC said those going to "Joker" can wear costumes, but not “masks, face paint or any object that conceals the face.”  In other words, you won't be able to look too much like The Joker.

Landmark won't allow costumes at all.  They're based in L.A. and have about fifty theaters nationwide, but none in East Texas.

As the week goes on we'll see if other theater chains make moves to ban costumes, face paint, and masks at "Joker" screenings.  The bigger question remains...will any of this stop you from seeing the movie?

"Joker," starring Joaquin Phoenix will be in East Texas theaters this Friday, October 4.

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