In case you haven't noticed, the city of Tyler has added many new restaurants this year. Well, it's not over yet. Next to open in Tyler is the Corner Bakery Cafe. The restaurant is scheduled to open Monday, October 24th. More after the jump.

Corner Bakery Cafe started as a small bread bakery, supplying freshly baked bread to local customers around town. People loved this fresh bread so much, the bakery couldn’t help but to slowly become a cafe where they could serve equally fresh sandwiches. This soon led to tasty sweets, panini's, fresh salads, and hearty bowls of soups and pasta.

Corner's, unlike other deli's around Tyler, not only serves lunch and dinner but breakfast as well. You can get you typical home style breakfast- eggs, bacon, pancakes, oatmeal, anything you can basically think of. And then after you eat breakfast there and you realize how much you love it, you can go back for lunch and have one of their amazing sandwiches and a bowl of hearty soup.

The Corner Bakery Cafe will be located in the old Bennigans building at 3306 Troup Highway, right next door to Smashburger/Salsaritas. Mark your calendars for October 24th, so you can tell all of your friends that you were one of the first people to try the new Corner Bakery Cafe! Also, keep an eye on the Corner Bakery Facebook Page for specials and coupons!