Thursday (October 26) is a very special day for Texans as that day is observed as National Chicken Fried Steak Day. The Austin Chronicle mentioned that the first Texas Chicken Fried Steak Day was celebrated at a Dallas restaurant named Norma’s Café and restaurants all over the state have jumped all over the bandwagon.

My San Antonio reported back in May of 2011, during the Legislative Session it was announced that October 26 was legally declared Texas Chicken Fried Steak Day after the state House Resolution 1419 went in effect.

The resolution read:

Texans are renowned for their love of chicken fried steak, that exceptional dish that elevates the hearty flavor of beef to new heights by coating it in batter and breading and frying it until the ingredients are melded in a blissful union.

So while many Texans are celebrating National Chicken Fried Steak Day there is one restaurant here in East Texas where you can enjoy Chicken Fried Steak and Chicken Fried Chicken entrees - with a Cajun twist!

Razzoo’s Cajun Café in Tyler is serving up some delicious Chicken Fried Steak and Chicken Fried Chicken meals for only $7.99.

For some, Chicken Fried Steak is just another item to avoid on the menu before going on a run, but to Texans it’s a food that is celebrated to reflect the history and diversity of our beloved state. Make sure you use the hashtag #NationalChickenFriedSteakDay while you are out celebrating.

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