It is described as "an adult RV destination park" by owner Butch Manuel.

Manuel tells CBS 19, "We’re just offering an Adult RV destination park, where people can come here on their free will. This place is a safe place for adults to come and gather and meet friends, socialize, lay out, in a safe environment. If people want to sun tan and not worry about tan lines, it’s their option. There’s no judgment," he said. "We accept everyone who wants to be out here and enjoy this natural setting."

There is a tall, wooden fence that surrounds the resort, which is membership only, so you are shielded from the sight from the road.

Some residents have voiced concerns but this place is not illegal.

Anderson County Judge Robert Johnson said, "As long as its not a sexually oriented business then there’s nothing the county has control over." He also said this resort is on private property.

Palestine resident Pamela Muniz told CBS 19, ""I believe the body is God’s temple, and so whether it’s fifteen miles or five miles outside of town, I don’t agree with that at all."

Another resident, Joel Torma, said, "At first I thought it was weird for this small town to be having a clothes optional place, but to each is own, whatever they want to do."

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