No, the Cleveland Cavaliers are not in the NBA playoffs, but their fans are still emotionally invested in the outcome of the finals.  The Cleveland fans are still upset about the fashion that LeBron James left them last year to sign with the Miami Heat.  The fans actually burned his jersey in the streets after he left.  Cleveland fans have started the battle cry "Cavs for Mavs" in the hopes that the Dallas Mavericks can dash Lebron's chances of winning his first NBA Championship.  More after the jump.

mavericks t-shirt
loading... reports that Cleveland artist and graphic designer, George Vlosich, sat down at his computer and designed a t-shirt that embodies what every Cleveland Fan is thinking.

He took the old-time orange "Cavs" logo, slapped a big, blue "M" over the "C" and hung a cowboy hat off the "S" on the end.

"Cavs for Mavs".

"Clevelanders have kind of pulled together to root against him. That's kind of a neat thing," Vlosich said. "We're rooting as hard against them as we would for the Cavs."

It's kind of cool to see the two cities coming together. The ESPN writer said it best:

Dallas might be about 1,200 miles away, might be on the other side of the Mason-Dixon Line, but for these Finals, the two metropolis areas might as well be sister cities.

Unfortunately the Miami Heat took game 1 of the finals last night, but game 2 is coming up Thursday night and I think it may have a different outcome.  96X has a chance for you to win tickets to game 4 of the series.  The game will be Tuesday, June 7th in Dallas.  This is one game you do not want to miss!  Win tickets by visiting the 96X Facebook page!

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