It has forever amazed me that the people in this world with the most influence or the most ears and eyes that follow their every move, don't combine that power of persuasion to change the world.

American Country Awards 2010 - Arrivals
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Bret Michaels doesn't need anyone to read his resume that highlights his album sales, or his gross revenue through his numerous tours running solo material after 10 plus stellar years leading Poison on their nationwide tours from the mid 80's through the mid 90's. If you want to know what it looks like to take all your so called fortune and fame and utilize it to help people, to build stuff, to give back, or just to simply make things better at that very moment you reach out, just do your homework behind the Bret Michaels inspired "Life Rocks Foundation". The time Michaels dedicates to just "doing something" to change a life, or a situation, or a cause, is ten fold over his music career. I spent a couple of days reading through the many websites and pages of testimonials and articles from people that have received even a few minutes with the always smiling and glowing lifelong diabetic to come to the conclusion that this man is spending the rest of his life trying to thank everyone with the only part of his heart he has left to give. Bret ain't been right all the time, but neither have I and neither have you.


His PR man Pete Evick contacted me about a pre-show interview before his stop here in Tyler for the East Texas State Fair this weekend, and my hopes were validated that this is a guy whose story is worth listening to. You can check out his accomplishments at or take a minute and listen to him tell you about his father, his walk with his family and how he wants to leave his mark.




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