Everyone has their own special recipe for chili but now is the time to start perfecting that recipe because we are not far away from Chili Wars 2022. Essentially, it’s a chili cook off but this one is taken to the next level as there is a $1,000 grand prize for the top chili at the event. Obviously, chili and good people will be the start of the show at chili wars 2022 but there will be lots of other fun stuff going on. 

Chili wars 2022 is a family friendly event that is being put on by the Pray Big Food Ministries. The event is set to take place on Saturday, October 1st at Cross Brand Cowboy Church (11915 FM 2025 in Tyler, TX 75708). The fun kicks off around 2:00pm and wraps up around 8:00pm.  

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What is Going on at Chili Wars Besides Eating Delicious Chili 

The event will offer some fun activities for the kids as well, there will be a kids talent show taking place, bike games, and plenty of chili for everyone.  

Live Music at Chili Wars 2022 in Tyler, Texas 

Justin Todd Herod will be playing live music for everyone in attendance, this is going to be a good time so make sure to put it on your calendar now. 

If you want to make chili for the competition just know that there is a chili cook off entry fee of $50.  

Looking for more information about chili wars, you’re encouraged to contact Jeremy Williams at 918-235-4428, Jack at 903-522-2704, or Mike at 903-571-1754.  

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