If you spend a hundred bucks, you can get twenty bucks back. Really.

There's a new shopping holiday coming up that will pay you to shop, and it will only happen during one 24-hour period in November.  

If you've ever searched for a last-minute coupon code right before checking out online, you've probably run across RetailMeNot.  In an email, they told me they issue 500,000 offers, promo codes, and sales every day.  And they're declaring a new retail holiday to give us a head-start on holiday shopping, and get paid for it.

November 7th, this year, and the first Thursday of November each year moving forward, Cash Back Day will feature the best selection of RetailMeNot's cashback offers, and shoppers will get up to 20% cashback on top of that.

This is what you need to do to get paid to shop on Cash Back Day, November 7th:

1.  Login or create a free account on RetailMeNot.com

2.  Choose which cashback offer to activate and make the purchase with that retailer.

3.  Redeem your total rewards for cash via Venmo, PayPal or select a bonus-value gift card for the retailer of your choice.



Top retailers participating in Cash Back Day include:

Home Depot
Kendra Scott
Kay Jewelers
Finish Line and more

Some cashback offers are up now and you can take advantage this weekend, and I bet they'll be adding more ahead of November 7th.

If you've ever racked up a bunch of reward points on your credit card and forgotten to use them, well, don't let it happen again!  It's free money just sitting there, and this will work the same way.  Spend a little money and get some back.  You're going to shop anyway, and we want to help you find the best deals.  Couponers and bargain hunters possess the keys to wealth-building!  It starts with piling up tens and twenties, so go get 'em.

And, win cash and gift cards with us as the holidays get closer.  You're about to have a lot more shopping money than you thought.

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