The American Pastime truly had one of its finest moments last night.

Robinson Cano of the New York Yankees became the newest champion of the MLB All-Star Home Run Derby. But not by himself - he had help from a very special figure in his life. His father, Jose Cano, former pitcher for the Houston Astros, threw BP for Robinson last night, showing how special this game can be to families all over the world. More after the jump.

It was one of the ultimate father-son moments; a father tossing the ball to the son on the plate. Nearly everyone who has played baseball, or organized sports, knows how special it can be to share the sport with your loved ones. What happened last night was a testament to that truth. It was one of those classic, nostalgic bonding moments for those two men. Who knows how many times they went through the same motions in the backyard years ago, but they showed how strong their bond was on the field last night. As Robinson blasted the winning home run into the stands, he ran and embraced his father in rapturous joy - he knew had made his dad proud.

The home runs may make most of the highlight reel on Sportscenter, however, the image of the fatherly embrace will undoubtedly be the most unforgettable image of the night, a heartwarming reminder of why we love this game.

Robinson Cano

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