It's a subject that is irritating Texans, people from California moving into our state. It's a bit of a culture shock when we meet someone from California. Their way of thinking is a complete 180 from what we native Texans think or believe. It really is like talking to someone from another country. While we've seen many transplants in East Texas, our neighbors to the South are taking in the most migrators from California.

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It has become the norm to drive in Tyler and see at least ten license plates from other states every day. In my trips down South Broadway over the last year, I think I have seen every state in that time. Sure, they could just be here for some much needed time off as we love showing off our Southern hospitality to visitors. But many of those license plates are here to change to Texas plates to get away from political, financial or other constraints.

Most of those migrators are planting their new roots in Houston and Harris County. One of the biggest factors for many to move to Texas is cheaper housing costs. The average price of a home in Harris County, Texas is $482,000 less than the average price of a home in Los Angeles County, California. Also, the homes their buying in Harris County are only about 577 square feet bigger, on average, then the one they had in California.

The one thing the migrating Californians are not doing is moving to the more rural parts of Texas as they prefer the concrete jungle to the piney woods. Most of the Western transplants are settling in the Houston, Dallas or Austin areas and, surprisingly, the El Paso and Killeen-Temple areas.

And yes, as you read this in horror, that migration does not seem to be slowing down. We could see even more of those foreign license plates not only in our state but in East Texas, too.

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