Adelitas Way continues to dominate the Cage Match. Can they survive much longer? We're going to mix it up a little today and do a little 1990s vs. today's music with Nirvana taking on the boys from Adelitas Way.

Adelitas Way is our reigning champ as they've been crazy about sharing the Cage Match on their Facebook page, which is awesome. Check out their video for their new hit, "Alive," below.

And no intro is needed here with Seattle icons Nirvana. If you don't know who Nirvana is then you need to go to the Google machine and check yourself, or really, just get off my website. "Heart Shaped Box" was Nirvana's first single released from the album "In Utero" and reached No. 1 on the charts.

Check it out.

Now, can Adelitas Way take down the legends?