The most popular show on television right now is Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner. Personally, I like to describe it as an 1800's era western but set in modern times. The show certainly gives a realistic view of what being a true cowboy is all about. During season four of the show, one of the characters, Jimmy, was sent to Texas to hone his cowboy skills at the 6666 Ranch in Guthrie. In an episode, many were introduced for the first time to one of the greatest Texas cowboys ever in Buster Welch.

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While many were introduced to Buster Welch for the first time in an episode of Yellowstone, those who live the cowboy lifestyle know the name Buster Welch and what he means to cowboying.

For Buster Welch, being a cowboy was his God given talent. At 13, Buster left home and started work breaking horses, working cattle and any other chores around a ranch in Midland. A few years later, Buster found his calling as a horse trainer. He began entering various cutting horse competitions. After winning several of those competitions, horse owners began sending him horses to break and train.

Throughout Buster's career training and competing, he won the NCHA (National Cutting Horse Association) World Championship in 1954, 1956, 1974 and 1976 and also won NCHA World Championship Futurity titles in 1961, 1963, 1966, 1971 and 1977. He is also enshrined in the NCHA Members Hall of Fame, American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame, National Cutting Horse Association Riders Hall of Fame and Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame. Buster also received the 2012 National Golden Spur Award for his "outstanding contributions to the ranching and livestock industry."

In the Yellowstone episode, Under a Blanket of Red, we saw the character Jimmy walking by a couple of cowboys talking to each other. One of those was Barry Corbin, the other was Buster Welch. It was after that that we got this scene:

There are three Gods in Texas. The Almighty himself, Buster Welch and George Strait. You just met one of them.

Sadly, Buster Welch passed away Sunday, June 12 at the age of 94. No cause of death was given.

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