I got a question!  How many of you check out dating sites while you’re at work?  I’ll confess, I’ve been guilty of going on dating sites while I’m at the office, but I have come to the realization that I am not alone.  I was reading an article from Mashable (www.mashable.com and while some co-workers are actually being busy putting in work there’s another group putting in some work too, but on dating sites.

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According to data management firm Wandera (www.wandera.com they looked at work related devices and found out that dating app usage has grown by 69% in the past year.  They also revealed that the average workday swiping session lasts 7 minutes and 51 seconds; people usually log on to a dating app between 5 and 6 times a week, but here’s the kicker.  The study also found out that at 11:23am is the most common time to swipe at work. (No wonder folks are taking extra-long lunch breaks) This really sparked my interest so I dug a lil deeper and searched the most popular dating sites people use by state and that’s when things got interesting.

According to the website high speed internet (www.highspeedinternet.com) the most used dating app used in Texas is (drumroll please) “Down” and Texas' online guilty pleasure is... XXX sites. Oh lord. Where are the Lysol wipes when you need them

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So, I'm curious.  Employers what are your company’s policy on taking a peek at a dating app during work?  Also, how often do you browse dating apps?